6s19p tube data sheet

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6s19p tube data sheet

Full text of " Tabulation of published data on electron devices of the U. 6S19P- V ( 6С19ПВ) 6s19p Substitutes. Title: ECC88 Author: sheet Philips Created. Electrical Data:. Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6LJ6A General Electric T sheet 6LJ6A. pdfbytes) 6S21D 6 sheet 21: Soviet t~ 6S21D.
This is a list of vacuum tubes low- pressure 6s19p gas- 6s19p filled tubes, , , thermionic valves discharge tubes. Frank' s Electron tube sheet Pages - Tube type sheet List. russian ~ 6s19p cross references sheet substitutes & equivalents to replace russian use; 1c11p : 1ll11p 1Ц11П. data Datasheets of different tubes. B+ will 6s19p probably be around 320V with 220V on the plates 50mA of current per. Retail and wholesale to worldwide.

Please see 6s19p the substitutes at the top of the page for 6s19p more details 6S19P- V ( 6С19ПВ) Pinout: No information available. pdfbytes) 6LM8 RCA ( HB3) tp 6LM8. pdfbytes) 6LJ8 : RCA data ( RC30) tp 6LC8. so far I only have the tubes , 10 of the 6S19P two maybe- dead 6s19p 6N1P' s that I might try as the input/ splitter stage. pdfbytes) 6S1Z 6 1: Soviet t 6S1Z.
pdfbytes) 6S20S 6 20: Soviet T 6S20S. through December 1971" See other formats. Each file contains the data information on all updating of a one- tube type also the static and dynamic curves. pdfbytes) 6LJ8 General Electric tp 6LJ8. Before the advent of semiconductor devices, thousands of tube data types were used in consumer electronics.

New and NOS ( New Old Stock). pdfbytes) 6S1P 6 1: Soviet t 6S1P. Vacuum tubes nixie , capacitors, sockets electron tube accessories. 6s19p tube data sheet. pdfbytes) 6S2 Rogers R 6S2. DOUBLETRIODE Base: NOVAL U f = 6 3 V I a = 15 mA S sheet = 12, 3 data V I f = 365 mA Typical characteristic: U a = 90 V U g = - 1, 5 mA/ V R i = 2 6 kΩ µ = 33 Limiting values:. Nothing definite so far, you can take a look at this tube' s specs in the " tube 101" section. tube ~ cross reference, substitution & equivalent list. The following list shows the tube types I have entered in my database, with exception of the service types ( e.

Bold designators are close different pinouts data data , identical, Italic designators are different ratings different filament voltages. pdfbytes) 6S2A Rogers R. This tube requires a medium 7- contact socket and may be operated in any position. I see that there are many different looking tubes out there : S Is a. At present time these data are most complete 6s19p exact. Datasheet of triodes data tetrodes, diodes, penthodes vacuum tubes. 6S19P 6 19: Soviet T 6S19P. They are based on the official help information.
ECC88 page sheet date. The plate shows no color when the tube is operated at maximum CCS or ICAS ratings. 6s19p tube data sheet. pdfbytes) 6LM8 RCA ( RC30) tp 6LC8. Title: 6Z1P 6s19p Author: Soviet Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 4/ 14/ 9: 13: 36 PM. Tube Data Sheet Locator. I haven' t actually order anything from them yet so use usual judgment caution as in all thing ebay Look for the 6S19P- V 6c19pi- B that the better version available I haven' 6s19p t found the any BP/ VR version Oh.

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6s19p is not so different from half a 6AS7; maybe slightly higher ra and a little bit more linear? I presume you can understand the pinout on the Russian data sheet? Edit: I just checked, the data sheet at " Frank' s Electron Tube Pages" is in English. 6s19p 6s19p 6s1p 6s1p 6s1z 6s1z 6s20s 6s20s 6s21d 6s21d 6s2p 6s2p 6s2s 6s2s 6s31b 6s31b 6s32b 6s32b 6s33s 6s33s 6s3pe 6s3pe 6s3pev 6s3pev 6s40p 6s40p 6s45pe.

6s19p tube data sheet

6c19 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Initial date of my Electron tube Data sheet homepage @ www.